With a truly global spirit dating back to the days of the Dutch East India Company, Houthoff Buruma is part of a legal fabric that can no longer be restricted to the borders of one country. No company is immune to the effects of foreign legislation. Rules and regulations are increasingly complex and have extraterritorial implications.

    As an independent law firm, a substantial part of our work has an international dimension. We have offices in London, Brussels, and New York, which gives us direct access to the world of international finance and all European institutions. We often work together with leading firms in London and New York, as well as major firms in other global economic centres.

    Houthoff Buruma is the exclusive Lex Mundi firm for the Netherlands. Lex Mundi is the world's leading association of independent law firms. Member selection criteria are very stringent; members have to be the leading law firms in their jurisdictions and are continuously assessed for quality. Lex Mundi is more than a network; great efforts are invested by members in exchanging best practices and arranging trainings to provide seamless services. If required by a client, the independent Lex Mundi firms are able to work together as if they were one firm. Our membership gives us access to more than 100 jurisdictions worldwide. For more information:

    Early on Houthoff Buruma recognised the growing importance of China and set up a dedicated China practice. The China practice assists Chinese companies investing in or trading with the Netherlands or other European countries. Likewise, the practice also supports European enterprises investing in or trading with China. In the event that specialised Chinese law expertise is required, we cooperate with some of the first tier firms in China (including Hong Kong).

    In addition, we are a member of cross-border organizations that focus on specific areas of law, such as TechLaw. TechLaw is a global network of major law firms in more than 31 countries that is dedicated to enhancing the practice of technology law. Members share best practices, exchange new ideas and collaborate within the field of IT law. Houthoff Buruma was one of the first European law firms to join the TechLaw Group. For more information: