Houthoff Buruma is managed by the Board of Directors, made up of Edward de Bock, Michiel Pannekoek and Albert Knigge.

    Edward de Bock has been member of the board since 1 January 2016 and was appointed managing partner on 1 April 2017. He is an expert in labour and pension law, particularly in the area of labour and pension law aspects of mergers and acquisitions, and pays special attention to the field of the legal position of directors.

    Michiel Pannekoek has been member of the board since 1 January 2016. He is specialised in mergers and acquisitions and particularly focuses on supervising management buy-outs and public bids.

    Albert Knigge has been member of the board since 1 April 2017.  Albert has a comprehensive experience in complex, multiparty cross-border disputes.

    It is the Board of Directors' responsibility to maintain and develop the core values, quality, customer focus and adaptability. They also safeguard the diversity and sustainability within the organization.