At Houthoff Buruma we believe that the diversity of our employees and inclusion within the firm enriches our organisation. We actively recruit, retain and promote a diverse group of partners, associates and staff members throughout the firm, because we believe in quality regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. This belief is strongly embedded in our organisation. As a consequence, Houthoff Buruma is a diverse organisation with inspired and enthusiastic people. Houthoff Buruma was the first law firm in the Netherlands to sign the Netherlands Bar Association’s declaration of intent regarding diversity (Diversiteit binnen de advocatuur).


    Our commitment to the highest standards in everything we do extends to our efforts of carrying out our business in a sustainable way. Sustainability is a buzzword used in many different contexts with many different connotations. Houthoff Buruma believes that a sustainable way of being part of the communities in which we operate is not just reducing the use of paper and separating waste but actively supporting sustainable businesses. We support DC-TEC (Dutch Consortium for the Tender of Electric Cars) which is a joint effort of some 25 leading Dutch corporations and Dutch government bodies that have pooled their knowledge and purchasing power to make a major push for EVs in the Netherlands. We have taken an active role in advising on the Dutch bill proposing priority grid access for renewables as well as on many innovative renewable energy projects and initiatives. For example, we encourage the Ferander project. Our Amsterdam office was the first to have fully green energy climate control.

    Pro Bono

    We understand that with the privilege of practising law comes the responsibility to give back to the society we serve. We actively participate and provide legal support to the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation ( We helped found Child and Youth Finance International (“CYFI”). CYFI leads the world’s largest movement dedicated to enhancing the financial capabilities of children and youth.


    Society is enriched by the wide selection of exhibitions and programmes from the cultural community and we believe we should contribute to their development. Among others, we make annual donations to the following cultural institutions:

    • International Film Festival Rotterdam (
      The Film Festival Rotterdam is a platform for young independent film talent from around the world as well as for film artists.
    • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (
      Stedelijk Museum is one of the leading modern and contemporary art museums in the world.