Africa: The Golden Continent

    Africa is the new economic frontier of the world. Not only in terms of natural resources, but also in terms of infrastructure, consumer goods, telecommunications, and financial markets. Africa's risk-reward profile is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Changing demographics brought about amongst other by population growth and a growing urbanised middle class has made that the rate of return on foreign investment in Africa today is higher than ever before. Initiatives of collaboration like COMESA, OHADA and Africa50 have arisen and are leading the way for other parts of the continent.

    Investors, whether international or local, looking to benefit from untapped investment potential must prepare for sector specific challenges. The Netherlands has become the country of choice for many large corporate entering Africa. Houthoff Buruma is well poised for advising clients on entering fast developing African economies. Ranging from infrastructure private sector participation to asset investment/divestment, Houthoff Buruma's experts are well experienced in advising companies on their crucial business in many of the African economies.

    Thomson Reuters
    Top 10 ranking for Houthoff Buruma as legal advisor on announced deals with Sub-Saharan African involvement, by Value (2013)


    André de Neve