HB Incubator

    In our role as a premier law firm, we continuously strive to find innovative ways to develop our young talent whilst assuming corporate responsibility. The HB Incubator is an initiative where a group of our associates provide legal advice to start-up businesses at a symbolic rate. The benefits of the programme are two-fold: start-up businesses receive the vital legal advice crucial to their survival, and in return, our associates gain an early insight into the workings and headaches of a business and its essentials, often in close cooperation with the entrepreneurs. As a result, the programme forges long-term mutually beneficial relationships within the business community.

    The HB Incubator team assists eligible start-ups for a two-year period. During this period, the selected start-ups receive a certain amount of our time for significantly reduced fees. Start-ups receive advice on a wide variety of legal issues, including those with respect to corporate, finance, commercial, employment, intellectual property and tax. A limited number of subjects, such as litigation, tendering and mergers/acquisitions, are excluded from the programme.

    The registration for the HB Incubator 2016 has been closed. Based on all the submissions we received, we have selected six promising start-ups for the programme. The next edition of the HB Incubator program is scheduled to launch spring 2017. If you want to receive an update about the start of this next edition, please sign up for our HB Incubator e-mail service by clicking at the subscribe link below.

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    HB Incubator team

    Daphne van Boxtel

    Emille Buziau

    Mark Lemmens

    Chantal Presilli

    Sandrine Prevoo

    Paul Sluijter

    Bodil Stramrood

    Jan Pieter Uittenbroek