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    September 2017 - News Update EU September | Recent Developments

    On 13 September 2017, European Commission President Juncker delivered his 2017 State of the Union Address before the Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He presented the priorities for the year ahead and outlined a Roadmap for a stronger, more united and more democratic Union. President Juncker announced plans for a European Economy and Finance Minister to serve as an advocate for the euro and the EU economy. Read more

    September 2017 - EU - Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

    On July 7, 2017, at the EU-Japan Summit a political agreement on the main principles of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) was announced. Read more

    September 2017 - Changes in European prospectus regime: a new EU Prospectus Regulation

    A new Prospectus Regulation (2017/1129) entered into force on July 20, 2017, although most provisions will apply as of July 21, 2019. It addresses various perceived deficiencies in the existing prospectus regime. It is noteworthy that two exemption provisions, which are particularly relevant for share issuers, will enter into effect immediately. Read more

    September 2017 - Securities brokers and individual portfolio managers now regulated in Curaçao

    The Securities Broker Act (Landsverordening toezicht effectenbemiddelaars en vermogensbeheerders) recently came into effect in Curaçao. The Securities Broker Act contains two prohibitions that prevent both securities brokers and individual portfolio managers acting in or from Curaçao without a license from the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten. Read more

    September 2017 - Houthoff Buruma increases international presence through representatives programme

    The first two representatives have started in Houston (Texas) en Singapore on September 1, 2017. Read more

    July 2017 - Week 28 | Overview of recent regulatory developments in financial markets

    Recently a new Prospectus Regulation (2017/1129) has been published. The new Prospectus Regulation addresses various deficiencies in the existing prospectus regime. For example, it aims at making prospectuses better and shorter. The new Prospectus Regulation repeals the Prospectus Directive (2003/71/EC, as amended) with effect from 20 July 2017, 21 July 2018 and 21 July 2019. Notably, the amendment that takes place with effect from 20 July 2017 relates to the increase of the 10% threshold for admitting securities to trading without a prospectus. Read more

    July 2017 - News Update EU

    On Thursday 7 July 2017, at the EU-Japan Summit a political agreement on the main principles of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement ("EPA") was announced. Agreement was reached on, amongst other things; (i) elimination of customs duties paid by EU companies, (ii) opening of the Japanese market to key EU agricultural and food exports and (iii) addressing non-tariff barriers for products like motor vehicles, medical devices, textiles and beer. Read more

    June 2017 - News Update EU | Competition and Procurement Special June 2017

    On 4 May 2017 the Court of Justice of the European Union ('CJEU') clarified for the first time the provision in the procurement legislation that in case of serious misrepresentation a tenderer may be excluded from participation in a public tender procedure. Read more

    May 2017 - News Update Competition Litigation - Dutch Court rules that cartel damages claims under several national law systems have expired

    On 10 May 2017 the Amsterdam District Court rendered an important judgment in cartel damages proceedings following on from the EC Decision of 11 June 2008 regarding the sodium chlorate cartel (COMP/38695). According to the court, claims under several national legal systems had expired under the applicable statutory limitation periods, which did not result in a breach of the EU law principle of effectiveness. The court reached this decision after ruling that the damages claims had been validly assigned. Read more

    May 2017 - News Update EU | E-commerce Special

    10 May 2017, the European Commission published its final report on the E-commerce Sector Inquiry ("the Sector Inquiry") which was launched on 6 May 2015 as part of the Digital Market Strategy. The Sector Inquiry aimed at obtaining an insight into the prevailing market trends, the potential barriers to competition and the possible restrictive practices on the online market(s). In September 2016 the Commission published its Preliminary Report on the Sector Inquiry (see our News Update).The Preliminary Report was followed by a public consultation and a stakeholder conference ending in November 2016. Read more