About the programme

Houthoff has set up a unique programme that enables a select group of promising entrepreneurs to receive premium legal advice at symbolic costs during a period of two years. Through the Houthoff Incubator programme the selected companies have access to our wide range and in depth legal expertise and experience. In addition, founders get the opportunity to be introduced to potential investors and corporates within our network. In assisting several entrepreneurs within and outside the scope of the Incubator programme Houthoff has gained experience in amongst others venture capital investments in young companies through equity or convertible loans. The Houthoff Incubator programme focuses on innovative young companies in the tech industry.

Interested start-ups within the Technology Industry will be considered for the Houthoff Incubator programme if they meet at least the following criteria:

  • the start-up is active in the field of technology;
  • the start-up is a promising and/or sustainable business;
  • the start-up has a credible and feasible business plan, investor deck or similar document;
  • the start-up has a credible and capable team;
  • the start-up has received some form of first round financing (angels, family/friends, bank, seed investment or series A);
  • the start-up is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce;
  • the start-up can demonstrate that it has relevant legal needs where Houthoff can provide relevant legal expertise and assistance during the two year term of the Houthoff Incubator programme.

The next edition of the Houthoff Incubator will start in the spring of 2018.

Please let us know if you would like to stay informed about the next edition of the Houthoff Incubator programme.