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The members of the team

This is us, the Houthoff Incubator Team. Every member of our team is assigned to a start-up for two years, acting as its trusted adviser for all of the legal issues (with the exception of litigation) that a company has to face.

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 T +31 (20) 605 69 68
 M +31 6 8362 2831

Ide Hendriks joined Houthoff in 2013 after earning her master's degree in corporate and private law (cum laude) at Leiden University. Ide started in Houthoff’s Real Estate practice, where she worked primarily on tenancy law issues and real estate transactions. Ide currently works in our Corporate & Commercial Litigation practice, specialising in corporate and commercial law disputes, and in particular, on acquisition-related and shareholder disputes that are litigated before the Enterprise Chamber (Ondernemingskamer). Ide is accustomed to making quick but thoroughly considered decisions to achieve the best possible result.


 T +31 (0)10 217 25 29
 M +31 6 4224 0039

“As an ambitious entrepreneur, you want to be sure that your start-up will not find itself stumbling over legal obstacles. Customised legal advice helps you better understand where you are now and where you want to be. As your trusted legal adviser, my goal is to add value to your enterprise. I want to make it easier for you to focus on the aspects of your work that you derive genuine satisfaction from!”

Jessica den Dekker earned her master's degree in corporate law and international and European public law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She joined Houthoff in 2014 and has experience in corporate and commercial cross-border dispute resolution. Jessica is part of our Corporate/M&A practice group and specialises in private M&A transactions. Jessica takes a pragmatic approach in order to manage risks while exploring opportunities. She provides advice on corporate law issues, drafts and negotiates transaction documents, and coordinates M&A deals for both private equity and strategic investors.


 T +31 (0)10 217 25 12
 M +31 6 2317 6599

“I look forward to working with enthusiastic, driven entrepreneurs, assisting them with identifying any legal obstacles they may face, and helping them develop practical solutions to problems. My intention is to help them take their start-up to the next level.”

Loes Stevens completed her studies in economics and business economics in 2011 and earned her master's degree in private law in 2013. She joined Houthoff in 2013. Her work consists primarily of drafting commercial contracts, providing advice to clients on various corporate and commercial law issues, and representing clients in litigation. Her background in economics and her experience in advising on commercial and corporate law enables her to identify a wide variety of legal issues.


 T +31 (0)20 605 65 51
 M +31 6 4355 0776

Anamarija Kristic joined Houthoff in May 2012 after earning her doctorate in law. In addition to her Ph.D., she also holds an LL.M., M.Phil. in law and a B.A. in philosophy. In 2013, she completed a post-academic training at the Law Firm School, earning the highest grades in her class. Anamarija has extensive experience in conducting internal investigations, including fraud investigations. She specialises in fraud, international sanctions, economic law, and environmental criminal law. She also advises clients in the area of compliance.


 T +31 (0) 20 605 69 93
 M +31 6 38765747

“One of the challenges for start-ups and scale-ups is striking a balance between the crucial flexibility of the start-up ecosystem and the more structured approach of operating a commercial enterprise. I look forward to meeting and offering support to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, and contributing to making their revolutionary plans a reality.”

As part of Houthoff’s Litigation practice, René Hendriks focuses primarily on corporate law, commercial law, and liability law. René’s work involves conducting complex national and international cross-border civil law proceedings and litigating on behalf of companies, professional service providers, and governmental and quasi-governmental agencies. Before beginning his career at Houthoff, René earned his master's degree in corporate law (cumlaude) at Leiden University and completed several components of the master's programme in Droit Économique at the Institut d’Études Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris. René's broad interests in legal, economic, and strategic issues have led him to acquire a thorough understanding of organisations, enabling him to turn legal problems into practical and successful strategies.


 T +31 (0)20 605 69 21
 M +31 6 14861557

“My view is that excellent legal advice pairs well with a practical approach. Legal issues should never be an impediment to developing new commercial operations. I look forward to working with enthusiastic novice entrepreneurs and ensuring that they run into as few legal problems as possible so that they can focus entirely on their business.”

Else van Nievelt completed her studies in corporate and private law in 2012 and joined Houthoff in 2013. Else is a lawyer in the Financial Markets group specialising in banking and financing transactions. Her clients include both national and international borrowers and lenders. Else is closely involved with the successful closing of many national and cross-border financing transactions, including acquisition financing, asset-based financing, and real estate financing. Else has represented various start-ups by providing advice, drafting, and negotiating financing documentation.


 T +31 (0)20 605 69 09
M +31 6 43549280

“I am convinced that a lawyer needs to look not just at the legal issues involved in a case, but at the commercial issues as well. Novice entrepreneurs should be focusing their attention on their businesses, not on the legal obstacles that they will have to deal with. As an M&A lawyer, I have learned to provide advice to my clients in a practical way and this is something that can greatly benefit novice entrepreneurs.”

Daphne van Boxtel completed her studies in corporate law in Utrecht and in tax law in Amsterdam in 2012. She joined Houthoff as a lawyer in 2012. As a lawyer in our Corporate/M&A practice group, she specialises in private M&A transactions. Daphne represents both private equity and strategic investors. She advises, drafts and negotiates transaction documents, and coordinates M&A deals.


 T +31 (0)20 605 64 85
 M +31 6 43550133

“I look forward to being a trusted adviser who supports entrepreneurs at turning points on their road to success.”

Emille Buziau completed his studies in private law at Utrecht University and earned a dual masters in business & law at Radboud University. He joined Houthoff in 2011 and has experience in dispute resolution, M&A, and corporate governance. He currently specialises in conducting internal investigations on corporate mismanagement or fraud. Emille also litigates investigation-related liability issues before the Dutch courts. In recent years, Emille has learned to translate complex legal concepts into plain language and to eliminate potential legal issues before they can arise.