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First-class legal advice for start-ups for a reduced fee

What should you be watching out for when establishing your intellectual property rights in order to ensure that your ideas stay yours? How do you conclude a lease that will ensure that you can continue to grow? How do you successfully negotiate a shareholder’s agreement with a potential investor? If you want to be taken seriously and take your company to a higher level, you will first have to do your legal homework. The Houthoff Incubator Programme is created to help ambitious start-ups!

The world of entrepreneurship is a battleground where many start-ups fight to win the confidence of investors willing to back them financially. All of them promise investors that they offer the best chance for the highest ROI. The battleground is littered with legal landmines, but you know that already. You also know that effective legal counsel costs a lot of money, which is something you simply cannot afford at this stage of the game. As an entrepreneur, you have to focus on your business and the gap in the marketplace that your business aims to fill.

This is where we can help

Houthoff, a top Dutch law firm with over 300 lawyers worldwide, has set up a unique incubator programme. If your start-up is chosen to participate in this programme, you will join a select group of extremely promising start-ups. The chosen start-ups will receive first-class legal advice at a reduced rate: EUR 50 per hour with a maximum of 200 hours over a period of two years!

Let's meet

The Houthoff Incubator Team consists of smart, young lawyers with a clear mission: to act as your trusted adviser and ensure that you get all the expert legal advice you can expect from a top law firm. Every member of the Houthoff Incubator Team is assigned to a start-up and acts as its trusted adviser for all of the legal issues (with the exception of litigation) your company has to face.

If you are ambitious and want to accelerate your growth, we are ready to help you in every possible way. The Houthoff Incubator Team will help you when you face roadblocks on your path to success!


Please contact us! You can send an e-mail to incubator@houthoff.com or contact one of our team members. We would be happy to answer your questions.