Bill Future pensions

Bill on the future of pensions

The pension system in the Netherlands is facing a major overhaul. In 2019, a broad package of measures was agreed for a new pension system. They were formalised in the National Pension Agreement of June 2019. 

The new system was fine-tuned in the 'Dutch Future of Pensions Act' (Wet toekomst pensioenen), which was presented to the Dutch House of Representatives for discussion on 30 March 2022. The new legislative act should enter into force on 1 January 2023.

Read on for more on the legal aspects of the new pension system, a timetable and updates on the latest developments.

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The Dutch future of pensions act for employers

The changes resulting from the new pension legislation will affect every employer that offers a pension plan. Eventually, all existing pension plans will need to be updated.

Our pension specialists Roland de Greef and Anouk Boutens have prepared a Q&A to answer ten questions about the draft bill 'Dutch Future Pensions Act' and how it will impact employers.

The Dutch future of pensions act for pension administrators

We have prepared another overview with useful information for pension funds, insurers and PPIs.


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