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Climate change and the in-house counsel's role

The national and European measures to curb climate change extend beyond the reduction of CO2 as they can have a great impact on companies. The legal consequences often come from unexpected places. One thing is clear: companies need to prepare themselves. But what is the in-house counsel's role in this transition? During the In-House Legal Counsel Monitor, we will look for the answer to the question of what lies ahead of us as legislation tries to tackle climate change.

Climate laws are not only aimed at the heavy industry, as it also affects funding and entails risks and liability issues. They could also lead to changing ownership structures, new business models and innovations.

During his keynote, Jan Rotmans, Professor of Transition Management and Sustainability at Erasmus University, will discuss the changes that will affect our work, now and in the near future. This will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Max Christern, author on leadership and sustainability, on the impact of climate change on the role of the in-house counsel. After the panel discussion, the In-House Legal Counsel Monitor 2019 publication will be presented.

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