Working lunch discussing Curaçao’s competition law

Six months ago, Curaçao’s National Ordinance on Competition (Landsverordening inzake concurrentie) came into force. The new Ordinance provides rules to improve competition on Curaçao. The Fair Trade Authority Curaçao (FTAC) monitors compliance with the new rules. In early February the FTAC presented its annual agenda. The FTAC will focus on investigating distortions of competition in 2018. The focus sectors chosen by the FTAC are the financial and building sectors.

The new competition law on Curaçao came about in cooperation with Houthoff and SEO Amsterdam Economics. On 14 March, Sjoerd Bakker (Spigt Dutch Caribbean), Berend Reuder (Houthoff) and Koert van Buiren (SEO Amsterdam Economics) hosted a lunch meeting in the Avila Beach Hotel on Curaçao to discuss the National Ordinance on Competition and to address the practical significance and consequences of the new competition law.

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