Mandela tentoonstelling

Houthoff is the first to host the travelling Mandela photo exhibition

'How do you want me to look?'
13 十一月 2017
As from 13 November 2017, Houthoff is the proud host of the travelling photo exhibition 'How do you want me to look?'. This small-scale exhibition is part of a broader programme to celebrate the Mandela year in 2018, the year of what would have been Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday. The photo exhibition is an initiative of Stichting ZAM in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation from Johannesburg and is made up of a number of portraits of Mandela, shot by Dutch photographers Kadir van Lohuizen, Daniel Köning and Sander Veeneman. Starting in November 2017 the exhibition will be touring boardrooms and central rooms of prestigious law firms in the Netherlands. Houthoff is the first host.

An important pillar of Mandela's ideology is to create a world beyond them and us. The fact that firms, which usually only meet in situations with conflicting interests, are collaborating immediately reinforces Mandela's ideology. The firms are also making a financial contribution available for an educational programme for secondary schools in the Netherlands.
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