Argos Wityu acquires a majority stake in Schenk Tanktransport

24 八月 2021
25 August 2021

Private equity fund Argos Wityu acquires a majority stake in Schenk Tanktransport.

Schenk Tanktransport, a specialised international tank transport company, is an organisation with over 1,600 employees and a turnover of more than EUR 200 million. Its business activities consist of the (international) transport of fuels, lubricating oils, LPG, industrial gases, LNG, bitumen and chemicals.

Both Argos Wityu and the Schenk brothers, who retain an interest in the company, are committed to building on the current strong position. In doing so, Schenk as a company helps shape a sustainable logistics sector.

Houthoff advised Argos Wityu on the acquisition. The team consisted of Cherlene Blankson, Ivar Brouwer, Britt Oerlemans, Jasmijn Harms, Josine van Slingerland, Arie van der Deijl, Andre de Neve, Sjors Panis, Nicolette van den Bosch, Sylvia Dikmans, Chantal Presilli, Wieger Kop, Gerrit Oosterhuis, Victorine Dijkstra, Frans Wiggers, Raz Ahmad, Claire Reynaers en Vera van Erpers Roijaards, led by Bram Caudri.
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