The added value


It's the difference between being right and succeeding. Litigation design is all about relaying the client's story in the most effective way possible. To achieve this, we use graphics and other visual tools to support the client's viewpoint. We do this in a way that helps the story both sink in and stick in the mind. 

“In a number of cases, where getting to the bottom of complex technical and chemical processes was essential for the legal assessment, Legal Design helped enormously in making these complex processes understandable for the court - to the amazement of the clients.”

- Alexander van der Voort Maarschalk | Partner at Houthoff


Contract design is a visual tool used to support legal documents and aimed specifically at helping readers through texts more quickly and preventing misinterpretations. Other advantages, besides speeding up the process, are a better understanding and a more positive reading experience. It is an effective and efficient means to help our clients assimilate contracts and terms and conditions. 

Stakeholder design 

A picture is worth a thousand words. This makes legal design an effective tool for achieving harmony among a complex group of stakeholders. It provides direct insight into where these parties’ wishes and ideas differ, and helps engender constructive dialogue. 

Strategy design 

Legal design is also used to facilitate effective client communication. We achieve this with the aid of visual tools that support the possible strategies or make the steps in the process clear and understandable.