Legal Tech

Legal tech

Legal Tech is booming. It's transforming the way that legal services are delivered. Increasing efficiency and striving for excellence in legal service delivery is at the core of what we do. Houthoff is a known leader and innovator in Legal Tech.

My Projects

secure file sharing & online collaboration

My Projects is our digital platform for secure file sharing and online collaboration. My Projects has an intuitive design that is easy to use without any training. With My Projects, our clients, counterparts and other external advisers have 24/7 online access on any device to critical project documentation.


conduct digital investigations on a global scale

We use state-of-the-art e-discovery software to execute large and complex e-discovery processes. This is designed to anticipate and solve challenges across the entire e-discovery lifecycle of an investigation from legal hold and collections through to analysis, review, and production.

We use advanced analytics and machine learning to uncover critical evidence, reduce manual work and mitigate error through workflow automation.

Artificial Intelligence

leading the ai revolution

Houthoff is revolutionising the due diligence process by combining human intelligence with the computing power of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, through machine learning software, enables more efficiency and accuracy in analysing. This allows us to manage large complex datasets in a shorter time frame. The more we apply AI, the more our self-learning algorithms understand what information is relevant and what is not. Our algorithms differentiate between nuances and variations in text and context, quickly spot potential issues, automatically uncover anomalies and determine missing data.

Our cutting-edge AI software provides excellent value by reducing the time we spend on due diligence. It allows us to focus more on valuable advisory work, and less on time-consuming document review.


Visualising corporate structures and transactions
StructureFlow helps professionals to model and collaborate on legal structures and transactions. By using this tool, our people are able to efficiently visualise complex structure diagrams and conceptualise the strategy of legal projects, such as mergers and acquisitions, tax projects or litigation.
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Head of Innovation
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