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Q&A: Public Law & Corona

Administrative law consequences for real estate, infrastructure and industry
26 三月 2020
26 March 2020

The Dutch government has taken far-reaching measures to combat the outbreak of the coronavirus. The impact of this outbreak on businesses and the economy is unprecedented and involves new and complex issues. In our Q&A: Public Law & Corona, we answer administrative law questions related to the coronavirus crisis.

The measures that have been taken are based on administrative law. These measures may have far-reaching administrative law-related consequences in the case of, for example, temporarily suspending construction or demolition works, or temporarily gearing down or closing down factories. Due to a huge increase in working from home, businesses and authorities are also physically almost completely unstaffed and are, where possible, managed ‘from a distance’. This may have significant consequences for decision-making by authorities, but also for, for example, the possibilities for businesses to provide information or to comply with an enforcement decision.

The Q&A: Public Law & Corona will be updated regularly based on new developments and questions from our clients. The current version of the Q&A is updated to 24 March 2020 and only available in Dutch.
Written by:
Jan Frans de Groot


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