Marleen van Uchelen-Schipper

Marleen van Uchelen-Schipper

Professional Support Lawyer

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Marleen is a professional support lawyer for the Corporate M&A Practice Group and a candidate civil-law notary. Marleen started in 1998 as a candidate civil-law notary specialised in corporate law. As a professional support lawyer, she identifies and analyses relevant developments in legislation, literature and case law. She also develops standard notarial templates for her practice group and engages in research on complex legal matters.

Besides her work as a professional support lawyer, Marleen is a Ph.D. candidate at Utrecht University. Her research is on the role and position of the supervisory board of the Dutch foundation. Marleen is a permanent contributor to Kluwer's legal journal on corporate law (Rechtspraak Ondernemingsrecht Praktisch Bewerkt). She regularly publishes in various academic journals and contributes to book publications.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Grotius Academy specialisation course Corporate Law
  • Professional Training Course for Civil-law Notaries
  • Law (Utrecht University)