Sarah van Hecke

Sarah van Hecke

Legal Design Adviser

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Sarah independently set up Legal Design as a new discipline within Houthoff. Legal Design is a powerful method of clarifying complex legal advice or information. This can be used by our clients or in court. Whether you’re summarising complicated legal information or trying to grasp its essence, visualisation is an incredibly effective method of getting a message across convincingly, clearly and quickly. It improves both comprehension and retention. This innovative approach utilises graphics and other visual tools to support our clients’ point of view or to facilitate strategic discussion in a clear, intuitive and concise way. This saves time normally spent wading through pages of text, improves concentration and makes it easy to see connections or contradictions. From summarising and clarifying contradictory arguments to swiftly assessing structures, Houthoff's Legal Design is an effective and efficient way to achieve results, whether inside or outside the courtroom.

Sarah is a strategic sparring partner for our lawyers. With different areas of expertise, including behavioural psychology, design and law, Sarah works together with the teams in matters where complex information requires visualisation.