Yuri Wehrmeijer

Yuri Wehrmeijer

Advocaat | Senior Associate


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Yuri advises companies and investors and provides representation in company law disputes, acquisition disputes, contract disputes, and national and international liability proceedings. He also represents clients before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. Yuri has extensive experience in the areas of fact-finding, attachment law and preliminary relief proceedings. He also has five years of experience as a cassation lawyer. Yuri is a member of the Dutch Corporate Litigation Association, the Dutch Association for Procedural Law and the Dutch Association for Civil Law. In addition, he is a contributor to the civil law journal Rechtspraak Burgerlijk Procesrecht and the corporate law journal Bedrijfsjuridische berichten. Yuri lectures in the Evidence Gathering section at the Law Firm School.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Civil and Business Law (Leiden University) 
  • Houthoff successfully represented Nationale Nederlanden (NN) in proceedings that were brought by the foundation Vereniging Woekerpolis.nl in relation to investment-linked insurance offered by NN. The court ruled that generally speaking NN had provided sufficient information on costs and premiums. It thus concurred with NN’s position that the provision of information to customers should be assessed against the regulations and system of standards that applied when the investment-linked insurance was offered. The court dismissed all of Vereniging Woekerpolis’s claims.
  • Houthoff is representing the association of realtors, VBO Makelaar, in ongoing civil proceedings before the court of Amsterdam against Funda. Funda is the largest online real estate portal in the Netherlands and a subsidiary of the largest association of realtors in the Netherlands, NVM. The case is one of the few Dutch cases based on abuse of dominance. The case revolves around discriminatory practices by Funda to the detriment of VBO Makelaar's members, including:

    - ranking listings of VBO Makelaar’s members systematically lower than listings of NVM’s members.

    - charging VBO Makelaar’s members significantly higher prices for advertisements than NVM’s members.