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2019 Cassation Seminar: 'The Dutch Supreme Court and Collective Actions'

21 November 2019
2:30 PM
2:30 PM till 5:30 PM
Houthoff Amsterdam

On Thursday 21 November 2019, Houthoff will hold the 2019 cassation seminar: 'The Dutch Supreme Court and Collective Actions'.

Collective actions are a hot topic. The Dutch as well as the EU legislature consider collective actions to be an important tool for strengthening consumer rights and providing a mechanism to handle mass claims. It's still unclear what impact the Act on redress of mass damages in a collective action (Wet afwikkeling massaschade in collectieve actie (WAMCA)) and the European New Deal for Consumers will have. They raise many questions, including: 

  • How does the WAMCA fit within the case law of the Dutch Supreme Court?
  • What lessons can we learn for the WAMCA admissibility test from the case law in other jurisdictions?
  • What effect will the New Deal for Consumers have on the Dutch Supreme Court's case law?
  • What does the case law of the Dutch Supreme Court and the EU Court of Justice mean for private international law matters in collective damages actions?

These and other questions will be discussed at the seminar. 

Please contact Giovana van den Bighelaar for more information on this event. 

Language: Dutch

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