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Global Corporate Ladies Event

The Corporate Ladies Event is a yearly event organized for women on top. It combines culture, a discussion on specific topics, the opportunity to meet likeminded colleagues and also to get to know new faces. The event was first organized in 2015 and was given the title 'Cocktails, Culture & Content', where the last 'C' stands for a different theme each year.
This year will be the first time that we will have this event for each of Houthoff’s six locations worldwide in its respective time-zone.

Cocktails, Culture & Connect

Connections are essential when doing business. Developing these contacts and connections may be a challenge in many respects. How do you establish valuable connections when different cultures are involved? How do you establish the best connections between several stakeholders, inside and outside your organisation, and how do you find a balance between contacts with short-term interests and those that are interested in the long term?

A panel will look for answers during an interactive discussion where opinions and experiences from the audience will play a key role.

The event will take place on 2 October 2018.

Read more about this event in Houthoff Magazine.

Please contact Willemijn de Kruif if you need any futher information.

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