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Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, Brussels, New York, Singapore

The economic and social impact of climate change will not have escaped anyone. Yet it is still often unclear what this means for today’s business operations. On 2 October 2019, Houthoff is organizing the Global Corporate Ladies Event 'Cocktails, Culture & Change', where we will discuss the possibilities to properly anticipate the changes that are coming our way.

During the fifth edition of this event on 2 October 2019 we will focus on the question of what the impact is on everyone's business models due to the influence of increasing regulatory pressure, the impact on the environment and the changing wishes of consumers.

This year will be the second time that we will have this event for each of Houthoff’s six locations worldwide in its respective time-zone: Amsterdam, Tokyo, London, Brussels, New York and Singapore.

Houthoff’s organising committee:

Amsterdam   Marry de Gaay Fortman Marloes Brans 
 Tokyo  Cecile Eijssink-Bonnier  Kyoko Tollenaar  
 Brussels  Sylvia Dikmans  Angenita Pex  Greetje van Heezik
 New York  Helena Sprenger    
 Singapore  Esther Veltman  Marielle Koppenol-Laforce  
 London  Jessica Terpstra  Merel Zwankhuizen  


About the Global Corporate Ladies Event

The Corporate Ladies Event is a yearly event organized for women on top. It combines culture, a discussion on specific topics, the opportunity to meet likeminded colleagues and also to get to know new faces. The event was first organized in 2015 and was given the title 'Cocktails, Culture & Content', where the last 'C' stands for a different theme each year.

Please contact Willemijn de Kruif if you need any futher information.