Houthoff appoints new representative in Houston

02 September 2019

As of September Leonie Hamersma will be the firm's new representative Houston (TX, USA). Leonie started her career as a corporate lawyer more than 10 years ago, working in the international M&A field and various others, such as energy, healthcare and finance.

As a representative, Leonie will be responsible for further developing close ties with clients and firms to create new alliances and strengthen our network in the Houston area, doing, or aiming to do business in the Netherlands. 

Energy capital of the world

The Houston metropolitan area is not only the world leading economic and knowledge centre for energy and petrochemicals, it is also evolving as a hub for industries like health tech. For these reasons, we appointed our first Houston representative in 2017. Michiel Pannekoek, Chief International Officer at Houthoff: "Being present, having someone there for our clients, has paid off. Our clients and Houston-based law firms appreciate the personal contact that we easily offer them through our representation. The energy transition that the world is in makes Houston an even more important economic force than it was before. And the vast knowledge of the region that Leonie takes with her makes me very confident of our joint success." 

Former Houston representative, Carmen Bakas, has moved to Shanghai for personal reasons. Pannekoek: "We are very thankful for the work Carmen has done for us and are happy she will stay connected as our adviser." In addition to Houston, we have representation in Tokyo and Singapore, along with offices in New York, London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Written by:
Michiel Pannekoek

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