Climate Risk & Sustainability Weeks

Houthoff Sustainability Event

17 November 2022
Houthoff Amsterdam
3:00 PM-6:00 PM
3:00 PM

In early November, world leaders met in Sharm-el-Sheikh to discuss ambitious climate targets at the Climate Change Conference (COP 27). In anticipation of the results of that meeting, we organised the Climate Risk & Sustainability Weeks for the second time. During these weeks, we hosted various activities and discussing the impact of new or changing climate and sustainability legislation.

We also hosted the Houthoff Sustainability Event for young professionals. During an interactive afternoon, our experts discussed the risks of climate liability and the reporting obligations surrounding sustainability. 
  • Tech-driven tree planting. Sander Keulen, Head of Business Development at Land Life, explained the impact that large-scale reforestation projects are having on climate change and ecosystem recovery.
  • Climate litigation is a hot topic, and the Urgenda v Shell judgment has made the Netherlands an important jurisdiction worldwide. Climate NGOs are actively putting pressure on businesses – both in and out of court – to formulate ambitious climate targets. What will the Urgenda v Shell judgment mean for Shell and for other companies? Nadir Koudsi and Ronnie Bloemberg discussed the most significant climate liability risks facing companies today.
  • The developments in European sustainability regulations are moving at lightning speed. The arrival of the SFDR and Taxonomy Regulation will ensure transparency on how the financial market integrates sustainability risks and opportunities into investment choices and recommendations. The proposals for the CSRF and CSDDD will require all major companies to submit sustainability reports and to identify, prevent, mitigate or eliminate human rights violations and negative effects on the environment within companies themselves and all along their value chains. Sofie Nijhuis and Parmiss Mirshekar discussed how companies can prepare for this.

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