Leadership Masterclass

18 November 2020

Leadership Masterclass | The Voice

Days spent on back-to-back online meetings make you increasingly dependent on your voice. Learn more about how to use body language and tone of voice to create engagement and maximum impact. This masterclass is led by Ching-Lien Wu, artistic director, and Lorenzo Viotti, chief conductor at the National Opera.

At Houthoff, we like to see the silver lining in every precarious situation. Even in these challenging times when we are unable to meet with you in person, we believe we can offer you more than just our legal services.

Under normal circumstances, we would be welcoming you to our various global events. In the Netherlands, many of these events are held at the opera house of our friends from Dutch National Opera & Ballet (NO&B) in Amsterdam.

There are many parallels between the world-renowned NO&B and Houthoff. We believe the knowledge and expertise that NO&B leaders use to inspire, motivate and energise others align with the values we share in corporate leadership. Together with NO&B, we have created a series of masterclasses to help you with the challenges that come with remote working.