Working at Houthoff creates a strong bond between people, often lasting a professional career. Former Houthoff employees hold important positions in society, working for example at Ministries and banks, and sitting on supervisory boards at large international companies.

The Houthoff Community on LinkedIn is a dynamic, closed platform for our alumni and current employees for the sharing of interesting professional developments, personal experiences and news reports by and about colleagues and former colleagues. 

houthoff magazine

Both our alumni and our current employees have fascinating stories to tell and interesting visions to share. These have been brought together in our new online magazine

The magazine can be viewed here

Houthoff Alumni Event

Following on from the success of previous editions, former colleagues will have the opportunity to get together again during the Houthoff Alumni Event on Thursday 4 april 2019. Until then, we invite former colleagues to join the Houthoff Community on LinkedIn.