Procedure – Coordination

Many types of activities and projects are subject to various approvals and permits, which must often be requested from different competent authorities. In that case, it is usually more practical for initiators to designate one coordinating body to ensure effective and coherent decision making. Until 1 January 2024, for example, the National Coordination Scheme (rijkscoördinatieregeling) and the Provincial Coordination Scheme (provinciale coördinatieregeling) could be used to that end. The EPA's entry into force – and the related amendment to the General Administrative Law Act (Algemene wet bestuursrecht) – brought significant changes in the coordination of decision making, including the resulting cancellation of the coordination schemes.

Our Procedure – Coordination factsheet discusses these changes and also touches upon the project decision (and the corresponding procedure), a new instrument that has been introduced to speed up the realisation of complex projects.

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