Environment and Planning Act

Environment & Planning Act

Although the implementation of the Environment and Planning Act has been postponed to the first of January 2024 and the Dutch Senate is still to debate its entry into force, preparations of all the government institutions are well under way. The Environment and Planning Act combines all laws and regulations for the physical living environment, including construction, environment, water, spatial planning and nature. This entails drastic changes for matters like the development and redevelopment of real estate, the exercise of industrial activities and the realisation of infrastructural projects, including those related to energy.

To prepare you in the best possible way, we will be hosting a webinar series looking at the consequences of the Environment and Planning Act for several target groups and discussing some other specific topics related to the Act. There is also a webinar especially for English speakers. Our experts will share their knowledge and offer you practical tips.

Unable to attend a webinar? The Environment and Planning Act webinar series can be watched back on demand. Register for the desired webinar to receive the link.

PROGRAMME Webinar series Environment and Planning Act

22 September | Real estate – development and redevelopment under the Environment and Planning Act
Monica Sonderegger & Eva Struik

29 September | Complex companies under the Environment and Planning Act – the conversion of the environmental permit to the new system
Marloes Brans & Jet Akkerman

13 October | The changing role of the Municipal Executive, Municipal Council, Provincial Executive and Provincial Council under the Environment and Planning Act – opportunities and limitations
Luurt Wildeboer & Klaas Valkering

1 November | The possibilities of the environment plan, with examples
Marloes Brans, Monica Sonderegger & Javier Crijnen

3 November | Land policy under the Environment and Planning Act – the most important changes
Rick van der Hulle & Ronnie Bloemberg

21 November | Highlights New Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet)
Marloes Brans & Monica Sonderegger


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