HB Incubator

Six start-ups selected for Incubator Programme

01 June 2017

Dental Robotics, Dutch Analytics, Felyx, SkelEx, Wolk and ZIVVER have been selected to take part in Houthoff Buruma’s Incubator Programme. After presenting short but powerful pitches, these start-ups were judged to be the most promising participants of the selection day on 31 May. This means that for the next two years, they will receive premium legal support at a start-up rate.
Twelve of almost fifty entries were selected to present a pitch for a place in the HB Incubator Programme. This programme offers participants two years’ access to legal support at a much reduced rate, enabling them to further professionalise their business.
The high quality of the pitches made it difficult for the jury to reach a decision. The jury was impressed by all of the pitching start-ups, but the jury believes that the start-ups selected distinguish themselves through their professionalism, legal requirements and the scalability of their product or service.

About the start-ups

  • Dental Robotics is developing new technologies to improve dental care for consumers. Dental Robotics makes dental care easier than ever before.
  • Dutch Analytics specialises in data integration and data analysis issues for major industrial players. It has developed its own software platform that integrates large amounts of data, facilitates development of analysis models, and enables it to run operationally in a customer environment.
  • Felyx offers an eco-friendly mobility concept in the form of shared e-scooters which will launch by July 2017. Users can rent fully electric scooters with an app-based service and travel quickly from A to B. Felyx will launch in Amsterdam with 108 e-scooters and wants to grow rapidly to a larger fleet and more cities.
  • SkelEx develops and manufactures industrial exoskeleton harnesses that reduce fatigue caused by repetitive movements. The Skel-Ex technology offers the user a weightless feeling in the arms, resulting in a proven reduction in muscle activity and fatigue. Skel-Ex focuses on increasing productivity and preventing ergonomic injuries and reducing related personnel costs.
  • Wolk prevents hip fractures through a portable airbag that protects the hip if the user falls down. The patented technology has been developed in collaboration with TU Delft and tested at various healthcare institutions. The simple and lightweight design allows Wolk to be worn unnoticed under the user’s clothing.
  • ZIVVER offers a technically advanced and easy-to-use solution for safe emailing, chatting and sharing files. When you send sensitive information with ZIVVER, it prevents human error. You can make sure that no-one, not even hackers, can access your messages, you can retrieve your messages  misses are reported. You remain in control before, during and after sharing the information. Triple Safe.

About the HB Incubator Programme

Houthoff Buruma's Incubator Programme enables start-ups to obtain premium legal support at the much reduced rate of €50 per hour, with a maximum of 200 hours, for a period of two years. A team of young and talented lawyers supports the start-ups and gives them advice on all legally relevant aspects, such as company structure, financing, commercial contracts, personnel, intellectual property, and taxes. In earlier editions of the HB Incubator, Lendex, Nerdalize and Bird Control Group were among the start-ups that Houthoff Buruma successfully supported. 

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