HB Incubator

Houthoff Buruma helps start-ups professionalise their businesses

01 May 2017

If start-ups wish to develop into a professional business, one of the aspects they need to have in order is their internal legal affairs. Clear shareholders' agreements and solid employment contracts, for example, are essential. Houthoff Buruma offers technology start-ups a helping hand by providing first-rate legal advice to promising start-ups at a heavily discounted rate. By this we enhance the company's value which makes the company increasingly attractive for financially strong investors. Interested technology start-ups can sign up for the fifth edition of the HB Incubator programme now.

How to apply

Interested technology start-ups have until 23 May 2017 to apply for the HB Incubator programme 2017–2019 via https://www.hbincubator.com/join-us. The selection day will be on Wednesday 31 May 2017, when six start-ups will be chosen to participate in the programme over the next two years.
To qualify for participation in the selection day on 31 May, a start-up must meet at least the following criteria:

The start-up:

  • is involved in technology;
  • has a business plan, investor deck or similar document;
  • has received easily accessible financial support (from family, friends, bank or university, for example);
  • is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce;
  • has a demonstrable need for legal support.

About the HB Incubator programme

Houthoff Buruma's Incubator programme enables start-ups to obtain first-rate legal support at the heavily discounted rate of €50 per hour, with a maximum of 200 hours, for a period of two years. A team of young and talented lawyers supports the start-ups and gives them advice on all legally relevant aspects, such as corporate structure, financing, commercial contracts, personnel, intellectual property and taxes. In earlier editions of the HB Incubator, Lendex, Nerdalize and Bird Control Group were among the start-ups that Houthoff Buruma successfully supported. 
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