Houthoff announces research on the future of class actions

30 July 2019
30 july 2019

In the last few months, we interviewed 35 experts from eight different jurisdictions to learn more about the trends to be expected in the field of class actions. The interviews will be bundled in the 'Class Action Survey', which will give a 360-degree view on the developments of class actions, as experts looked at the different aspects of handling mass claims from various perspectives.

The survey gives a quick overview of the current state of affairs and helps anticipate whether or not your company could be confronted with a class action. One of the trends observed is the growing increase of class actions. Consumers, for example, are getting increasingly aware of their rights through the internet and social media. The entrance of litigation funders on the market is also a driving force in this process.

The experts include a former European Parliament member, third party funders, general counsel of large international companies, and attorneys for both claimants and defendants. They come from the researched jurisdictions: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, the United States and Israel.

The survey results will be presented at a seminar on class actions on 12 September 2019 in Amsterdam where several of the interviewees will be present. The survey will be publicly available after the seminar.

Please contact Isabella Wijnberg for more information about the survey. For more information about the seminar, contact Giovana van den Bighelaar.

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