Lex Mundi publishes Lex Mundi Global Climate Change Guide

12 February 2020
11 February 2020

Lex Mundi has published a new guide with the help from Houthoff: the Lex Mundi Global Climate Change Guide covering more than 30 jurisdictions around the world.

The guide is developed by members of Lex Mundi and provides relevant information about climate change policies, measures or legislation.

Climate change and associated (future) regulations will have an impact on existing business models, and will lead to innovation, alternative forms of cooperation, new ways of financing and different risk assessments. It may also expose the limitations of existing legal concepts. In many cases, it will entail a different mode of thinking, both legally and generally. The interests involved are often sizeable, while legal frameworks are not (or not yet) always clear. The Lex Mundi Global Climate Change Guide aims to help you to identify and mitigate risks.

Marloes Brans and Marc van Beuge have written the Dutch chapter of the Lex Mundi Global Climate Change Guide on behalf of Houthoff.

The guide allows users to search and download the information per jurisdiction, or to compare the information of several jurisdictions in a compiled rapport.

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