Podcast series Catch-2020

#5 Marloes Brans on Green Recovery
26 November 2020
25 November 2020

What can we do to make society more sustainable post-COVID? The level of ambition is not an issue; it is putting those ambitions into practice that could prove difficult. Marloes Brans, partner and Head of Climate Change at Houthoff, shares her thoughts on the Catch-2020 podcast on the Netherland's unique position in the climate transition.

Episode 5: Marloes Brans on Green Recovery. "The Netherlands could develop innovations to move the energy transition forwards on a global scale."

In the Catch-2020 podcast series, we talk to prominent business leaders and specialists from our own firm about the future. What will the world be like in a few years’ time? Annemarie Manger, Tata Steel’s Director of Sustainability & HSEQ, talks about the implications of the energy transition for Tata Steel and its impact on the company’s ambitions in Episode 6 of Catch-2020.

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