Global Corporate Ladies Event 2019 Publication

This year, Houthoff’s Global Corporate Ladies Event celebrated its fifth anniversary. 400 leading women gathered in Tokyo, Singapore, Brussels, Amsterdam, London and New York to discuss the most urgent theme of today: climate change.

Climate change is an issue that’s quickly found its way to many corporate agendas. It is often still unclear, however, what the impact of climate legislation is on current business models, who will be the first mover and what the strategy will be when there is still a lot of uncertainty. Even though the consequences of climate change are bleak, to say the least, we felt hopeful after the event. The consensus was that the changes would also provide many opportunities. And if our discussions taught us one thing, it was ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’.

Houthoff is greatly indebted to all the panelists in the various cities for their contributions. Your transparency and ambition makes us feel optimistic about the future. A future in which we hope that all your shared plans to combat climate change will become a reality.

We hope that you, as a reader, draw inspiration from the insights and best practices that have been shared with us and enjoy reading this publication.



Amsterdam Marry de Gaay Fortman Marloes Brans
Tokio Cecile Eijssink-Bonnier Kyoko Tollenaar
Brussel Sylvia Dikmans Angenita Pex Greetje van Heezik
New York Helena Sprenger
Singapore Esther Veltman Marielle Koppenol-Laforce
Londen Jessica Terpstra Merel Zwankhuizen
Written by:
Marry de Gaay Fortman

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