See you in Mediation

#3 Marry de Gaay Fortman - How do you efficiently end a boardroom conflict?
17 April 2024

The boardroom is certainly not free from mutual tensions. Marry de Gaay Fortman, a trusted boardroom adviser, Houthoff lawyer and supervisory board member at several large organisations, discusses how boardroom conflicts arise and how mediation skills can be applied to solve them while keeping the good relationships intact. She is highly experienced in C-level conflict management and is a board member of Mundi Mediatores, an international network of mediators. (15:39 min)

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It is an axiom in the world of work: sooner or later, business conflicts will arise. The increasing juridification is expected to push up the number of disputes even further. Mediation is a way to tackle disputes at an early stage while keeping the business relationship intact.

See you in Mediation is a Houthoff podcast on business mediation. In this six-part series, Dave Cohen meets up with experts from the field to discuss from various perspectives what it is, how it works and what it delivers.




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