Sustainable Energy

Governments and companies are increasingly committed to climate change initiatives. The Paris Agreement, as well as national climate change legislation and policy plans are geared towards achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, the costs of renewable energy generation continue to fall spectacularly, driven by technological advances, economies of scale, competitive supply chains and growing developer experience.

Ever more often, renewable energy projects, including solar, wind and bioenergy, are able to effectively compete with fossil fuel based generation options which, in turn, fuels continually increasing investments in renewable energy projects and technologies. Our Energy & Industry Team advises on the entire energy value chain and is a market leader when it comes to sustainable energy.

Carbon capture and storage

CCS, the capture and permanent storage of CO2, is considered an inevitable transitional technology on the way to a climate-neutral industry sector by 2050. CCS can reduce CO2 emissions in sectors where there is no cost-effective alternative in the short term. In addition, CCS is increasingly helping to realise negative emissions and develop blue or green hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU).


Hydrogen is generally expected to play an increasingly important role in future energy supply as an energy carrier. Under the Climate Agreement, the Dutch government presented its Government Vision on Hydrogen (Kabinetsvisie waterstof) in March 2020. This forms the basis for the national hydrogen programme, which is primarily aimed at increasing access to green hydrogen and developing hydrogen infrastructure, also in relation to offshore wind potential.

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