Glassware manufacturer Leerdam returns to Dutch ownership

18 May 2022
18 mei 2022

US glass tableware manufacturer Libbey has announced its sale of Royal Leerdam to Anders Invest, a sector-specific fund whose investors are mostly Dutch undertakings.

In the Netherlands, Royal Leerdam is best known as a manufacturer of wine glasses that are sold at Blokker and Action. Libbey is one of the largest glass tableware manufacturers worldwide. The sale will allow Libbey to strategically prioritise and focus on its US home market. The transaction is still subject to fulfilment of various conditions.

Houthoff's team, made up of Richard Witvliet, Erik Teijgeler, Emma Hobma, Eveline Labohm, Lisa Stefels, Nadia Nartey-Wemegah, Diede van der Voort, Naomi Dempsey and Brendan Moloney and led by Paul de Vries, assisted Libbey with the sale of its European operations Royal Leerdam and Crisal Glass to Anders Invest.

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