Sustainable Business Practice

We are actively working on a structural process to improve the sustainability of our offices and our working methods. Our aim is to have a positive impact on society and the environment, and to operate as a socially responsible business.

CO2 footprint

SouthPole calculates our CO2 footprint every year. This provides us with a detailed insight into our CO2 emissions. Based on their report, we set reduction targets and take various measures to reduce our emissions in the coming years.

Sustainability Team

At Houthoff, we offer all employees the opportunity to come up with ideas to help make our offices and operations more sustainable. Our Sustainability Team includes colleagues from the entire organisation who work together to bring about a greener Houthoff. They are responsible for setting the reduction targets and organising the related projects. They focus their activities centred around the themes of energy & buildings, mobility (air travel and commuting) and waste & circularity.

Green Business Club Zuidas and Rotterdam

We recognise the importance of working to improve both our own sustainable business practice and a sustainable environment. We are active members of the Green Business Club (GBC) Zuidas and Rotterdam Centre. As co-signatories, we contributed to the drawing up of the GBC Zuidas 2021-2025 ambition statements (only in Dutch), reflecting our commitment to improving our own sustainability goals, tasks and responsibilities. All the member organisations work together in project groups or on projects focusing on the themes of energy, mobility & logistics, water & green and waste & circularity, to exchange knowledge and to continue developing sustainable best practices.

In 2020, we were awarded the Green Business Cup by the GBC Zuidas in recognition of our dedicated contribution to the various GBC Zuidas projects and the various steps taken by our Sustainability Team.

Procurement policy

We operate a policy of sustainable public procurement (SPP). This means that we purchase products and services sustainably and that we monitor the environmental and social effects of procurement. We implement our SPP policy in various areas, such as when selecting our catering and cleaning services and purchasing office supplies.


Businesses have an active role to play in achieving climate goals. Complying with the latest national and international environmental legislation demands extensive knowledge and expertise. Our specialists interpret legislation and advise our clients on the legal consequences of climate change to help them reduce risks.

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