How legislation in a transitioning world is impacting your business

The Houthoff Essentials series provide you with compact analysis, applicable insights and key takeaways from our industry leading legal experts.

How do you navigate a world where disruption and innovation occur at an unimaginable pace and where the end goal is a sustainable and zero carbon society in 2050? As we live and operate in this transitioning world, legal issues are becoming increasingly complex and challenging. New international legislation as the Green New Deal, unexpected court judgments and a dynamic political and economic environment offer both risks and opportunities for your organisation.

Are you aware that permit granting is a critical factor in your climate projects and that the new Environmental and Planning Act brings a lot of uncertainty? Will government start using the ultimum remedium of expropriation within its nitrogen policy? Do you have sufficient knowledge of the complexities arising from the shift towards a hydrogen economy? And can you - against the light of new EU legislation - sufficiently re-evaluate your approach towards ESG issues and sustainability impacting your asset management, financing and M&A practices?

Not only will our experts reflect on matters of climate and sustainability, but also address the ongoing digital transition that has direct consequences for taxation and pension policy. Above all, a transitioning world will also bring a shifting mindset on fairness which is relevant for topics like shareholder activism and taxation.

In the wake of this transition, whatever your capacity as a leader or adviser, it is imperative to understand the legislative environment. Houthoff Essentials profiles our industry experts who will highlight some the most important legal developments and background. All this in clear, non-technical terms with key insights and applicable knowledge.

In the coming weeks, we will release the following episodes. We invite you to watch our series and look forward to accompanying you in your transition.

Houthoff Essentials