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Jeroen van Mourik about 'Taxation in Transition'
15 November 2022

There are two important developments that are heavily impacting taxation of companies today. The first one being digitalisation. A huge challenge in the digitalisation of the economy is the disruptive nature of business models. Tax principles that formed the basis on which we determined what profit was allocable to which jurisdiction and what tax should thus be paid have completely changed. How for example should companies deal with taxation of profits when there is no physical presence in a jurisdiction? How can organisations avoid double taxation when operating in an international environment?

Another notable development in taxation is the broadening of stakeholders involved. Where taxation used to be a technical process between tax authorities, taxpayers and their advisors, you now see an increased number of stakeholders that have taken an interest: NGOs, politicians, media and the public in general. Discussions on tax avoidance and fair share payment of taxes have become dominant and have direct reputational and economic consequences for companies. In this video experienced tax lawyer Jeroen van Mourik provides you with practical insights on these important developments.

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