Houthoff uses Berkeley Bridge to automate 1,000 legal templates
10 August 2022

Over the course of two years, we streamlined our legal drafting process by using Berkeley Bridge document automation. Our document automation solution is a leap forward in efficiently creating high quality legal products that enable everyone to make the right decisions.

The system allows our lawyers to quickly draft a document through a guided Q&A process with multiple variables to create bespoke content. In addition to helping us draft ready-to-use documents, the system allows us to create complex document bundles (such as an agreement or deed with a cover letter) and powers of attorney.

Our team of legal engineers have coded 1,000 templates into 70 new 'smart' automated templates. On the backend, we have built an extensive library of clauses and best practices. The team also created various links and integrations with external resources (e.g. Dutch Land Registry and Dutch Chamber of Commerce) and our internal systems. This ensures that data such as names or company details are filled in automatically, correctly and consistently throughout a document.

"This is a textbook example of how cutting-edge innovation can lead to operational efficiency that ensures higher quality in less time. Our document automation solution really benefits both lawyer and client."

Written by:
Steven ter Horst

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