IK Partners invests in Qconcepts

13 June 2024

Leading Swedish private equity firm IK Partners has invested in Qconcepts, a fast-growing Dutch audit-focused firm, through its IK Small Cap III investment fund.

With IK Partners' support, Qconcepts aims to continue investing in expanding and developing its team. Additionally, the firm will focus on attracting new clients and capitalising on the larger market potential from mandatory ESG audits for large private companies.

Founded in 2009 in 's-Hertogenbosch by four former PwC colleagues, Qconcepts boasts a large audit practice serving medium-sized companies. Qconcepts ranks 13th in the Audit Top 30. The firm has 140 employees across 6 branches in the Netherlands and 1 branch in Spain.

Houthoff advised IK Partners in the Qconcepts investment. The team was headed by Guillette van Grinsven and also included Bram Caudri, Jeanne Beck, Grafton Cederburg, Daniëla van Noort, Jasper Dekens, Dyoerdt Alkema, Philippe König, Jasmijn Harms, Wynand van Seters, Mark Lemmens, Sabine Gerlofs, Jeroen van Mourik, Jet Stolk, Myrthe Prinsze, Charlotte Jukema, Thomas de Weerd, Nina Scholten, Bloem van 't Hoff and Gijs Hamelijnck.
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