A global perspective on new AI legislation covering more than 130 jurisdictions

8 May 2024

Stay at the forefront of AI innovation with Lex Mundi's new global resource: The AI Legislative Guide. With contributions covering more than 130 jurisdictions worldwide, this guide offers an unparalleled global perspective on new AI legislation. Thomas de Weerd contributed to the Dutch part of the guide.

This meticulously compiled guide is an invaluable tool for staying abreast of specific legislation, final regulations or other formal regulatory guidance addressing the use of AI in jurisdictions across the globe by identifying these as well as the agencies tasked with regulating these laws. The guide does not attempt to address existing laws that might impact the use of AI; rather, the intention is to identify, track and monitor new AI-specific legislation on the horizon. Access the guide and compile a custom-made report for your crucial jurisdictions.

Written by:
Thomas de Weerd

Key Contact

Advocaat | Partner