Marry de Gaay Fortman and Isabella Wijnberg: Qualified (International) Mediators
3 February 2022

Marry de Gaay Fortman and Isabella Wijnberg have passed the Qualified Mediator Examination of the International Mediation Institute (IMI). They are now IMI Qualified Mediators. Isabella achieved the highest score possible and passed with distinction.

With their confirmed expertise and experience, we can offer clients an ever broader range of dispute resolution options. Business mediation is often a cheaper and faster way for parties to resolve their disputes.

About the International Mediation Institute

IMI is the only organisation in the world that transcends local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for mediators and advocates involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation. The independent and impartial institute sets the standards for mediation. IMI Certification is a sign that a professional has reached international standards for mediation knowledge, skills, and practice. For this reason, IMI-Certified individuals are highly sought after.
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