Investeringsmaatschappij Opportunity Partners koopt BrandLoyalty

Loyalty Ventures Inc. sells BrandLoyalty to Opportunity Partners
3 March 2023

Loyalty Ventures Inc. is selling BrandLoyalty to Opportunity Partners, the investment firm of Robert van der Wallen. Van der Wallen founded BrandLoyalty in 1995 and sold the company a decade ago.

Houthoff's team, led by Christiaan Zijderveld and Philip van der Eijk, assisted Loyalty Ventures Inc. and the BrandLoyalty group in the sale of BrandLoyalty to Opportunity Partners. The transaction still requires approval from competition authorities.

Van der Wallen founded BrandLoyalty, specialising in supermarket loyalty programmes, in Hong Kong. After the sale, he remained active in the loyalty business. In 2020, he founded competitor 'L', which he expects to merge with BrandLoyalty in the future.

Besides Christiaan and Philip, the team also includes Paul de Vries, Karien van Boekel, Marie Louise van Holte tot Echten, Jan Veeningen, Wijnand Peelen, Noah Graves, Tom Harms, Aniek Faber and Sabine Gerlofs.


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