My Knowledge

Houthoff introduces My Knowledge, an unique online legal knowledge platform that keeps our lawyers updated on initiatives of Dutch and EU legislators.

It is a convenient one-stop shop that provides relevant insights into law-making developments as well as current topics, legal issues and specific legislative files. My Knowledge can also send the latest information via personal email notifications on specific legislative proposals. This notifies our lawyers when new parliamentary papers, official gazettes, news and Houthoff publications are published.

My Knowledge was built by our legal engineers in our no-code platform. Our Innovation & Knowledge Team updates the legal information daily. In due course, the portal will also be made available to our clients.

Steven ter Horst

Key Contact

Head of Innovation
+31 20 605 62 88
+31 6 5378 2186

Key Contact

Legal Innovation Manager
+31 20 605 62 95
+31 6 1119 8337