Insolvency & Restructuring

Tax Insolvency & Restructuring

Our Insolvency & Restructuring team is the market leader. The team has thorough expertise and experience and has fulfilled a leading role in nearly all large cases that have occurred in the Dutch market in the last few years.


  • restructuring and/or reorganising your national or international activities;
  • identifying the tax position and current obligations of the companies before or during insolvency;
  • all possible tax issues that occur before or during insolvency, restart, pre-pack or arrangement with creditors, including coordinating these measures with the tax authorities.

Our experienced and proactive team has an excellent reputation earned by advising on a large number of recent national and international restructuring and insolvency cases. Bankruptcy trustees regularly call upon our specialised knowledge when resolving complex tax issues in cases of insolvency. 

For more information, please contact one of our key contacts.


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Sylvia Dikmans

Key Contact

Tax Lawyer | Partner
+31 20 605 69 33
+31 6 4316 3074

Key Contact

Tax Lawyer | Partner
+31 20 605 69 82
+31 6 1393 6351
Chantal Presilli

Key Contact

Tax Lawyer | Advocaat | Counsel
+31 20 605 64 56
+31 6 2297 8482